Drum and Bass Vol 7

It’s been two weeks since I did one of these so I’ve got a lot to catch up on. I’ve finally finished University after 4 years studying and we’re having a mini heatwave here today so life is great! That might be reflected in the first track from Makoto & Danny Wheeler which is full of summer vibes and feel goodness.

Keeping with the liquid vibes is this track from Mystific entitled Winter is Coming.

Moving into something darker with Pum Pum Sucka from Gooldy

Keeping minimal with Death Valley from iM3

This one has been gathering quite a following recently

Now where gonna get into a jump up ting with this one from Sativa Dub called Formulate V2 which is forthcoming on G13.

Next up is this track from Konichi

Also if your in Bradford, UK tomorrow catch me playing this event and I’m also supporting Mistajam (Radio 1) on Friday. I’ll post my mix from this next week.

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