Mele ft Kano and Ghetts – Beamer Live Remix (Video)

Now we all know how much of a smash it was when Kano and Melé collided on the original of Beamer, which was released earlier this summer, so when a video appeared with a live remix featuring Ghetts it got

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Introducing the Bombaclat DJ’s

Bombaclat is a newly-born project by two run of the mill Australian 21 year olds who share a passion for dirty beats. Stepping into the field of club friendly bootlegs and mashups, they have created a unique style of mixing

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Tribellion EP (free download) – Tazer

  After recently releasing the Avalanche EP (which I would recommend as well), DJ Tazer has decided to give away a free EP of  unreleased tracks. Don’t worry though unlike other artists who are giving away free tracks for Facebook

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