Future Garage Friday

There’s a lot of new genres and sub genres being thrown around at the moment but we’re gonna stick with the term ‘Future Garage’ here at Don’t Move HQ. This post will cover a wide range of genres from future garage and uk bass/funky to post dubstep house and even nu-jazz & breakbeat but one things for sure all the tracks will be funky, flowing and groovalicious (said in the style of Austin Powers). We’re looking for swung off-beat drums, rolling bass and catchy piano licks. Trying to decide whether somethings post-dubstep underground trip-hop or tech-glitch house music can be left for the forums.

I’ll get the ball rolling with a track forthcoming on Razzmatazz Records from Zeppy Zep. The track combines a screwed, pitched down vocals with choppy a piano line and heavy beat with fantastic results.


Chaos in the CBD make some wonderful tracks. An example of their handiwork is their recent remix of Simply Swag by Daniel Klauser. I would give anything to be able to produce piano lines like the rhodes in this tune.


Next is a remix of one my favourite Burial tracks Near Dark by Viers. The track maintains the dark dramatic feel from the original but complements it with a fuller beat. Its up for a free download as well which is an added bonus.


This downtempo track from FREnchfire had something about it that caught my eye maybe its the spaced out synth line or the pulsing risers. Also check out FREnchfire’s other work on his soundcloud.



I’m gonna finish with a track that goes hard! This is Beamer from Melé featuring Kano. Melé is one of my favourite producers at the moment and Kano has been one of my favourite emcees since day dot. Check out Kano’s P’s and Q’s and his verse on the new Allstar remix of Labrinth’s Earthquake for pure fire. This ones going to be big so I had to jump on the hype.


Have a good weekend

-Kid Octy

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