Future Garage Fridays Vol 3


First of all apologies for the delay on this one. This weeks been crazy with university work and other stuff but I’ve finally got chance to gather my thoughts. So here it is better late than never.

First off we’ve got a remix from Norrit of MΔRRI$ – Gemini Riddim 

I’ve been a bit slow on this next track, but Im gonna post it anyway “Haters gonna hate”. Grab the free download and check out Kastle’s other stuff on his soundcloud.

I’m really looking forward to the release of Body Tap by Mite and Ewalk on B.YRSELF. The track comes out early may with some really good reworks (check out the Konga Konga remix) and the heavy B-side Iron Gaiden, all of which you can check out here.

Becoming a regular feature on FGF and for good reason is FREnchfire. I can’t believe this guy hasn’t had any of these tracks released yet. Check out his brand new track below.

Next is a great remix from Shadow Child of “A Dj deep inside”. The release is forthcoming on Strictly Rhythm mid may.

To finish off we’ve got a mix from my favourite producers Chaos in the CBD. Containing most of their own work this set from the New Zealand based pair isn’t to be missed.

Hopefully next weeks will be on time. See you then.

-Kid Octy

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