Future Garage Friday Vol 2

Apologies in advance for this post. It was written in a rush as I’m stuck between writing my dissertation and preparing for a gig tonight.

However to kick things of we’ve got a track that pretty much sums up what Future Garage Fridays is all about. A nice chilled track with enough going on to keep you engaged and still grooving along without being too overbearing and distracting. Perfect.

If you haven’t already check out Coni’s Luz In Pool / Suma / Crush release on ClekClekBoom from late last year.

Matthias Zimmermann – George (Coni Remix)

Disclosure are a couple of guys enjoying a large amount of new fame at the moment and from their new track its clear why. Grab a free EP from them here.

Next up is a track from Jason Burns that reworks Maribou State to give it more of a garage tinge. Check the track out below and grab the download here.

On more of a chilled disco-orientated vibe is the Fort Romeau remix of “What’s There?” from Dauwd

Never before have I found an original song and a remix that I like equally. Normally one artist brings something that the other just couldn’t match. But that isn’t the case for these next two tunes. First up it the original D3ADLINE ft Luke Lowen “Turn Around” followed by the DJ S.K.T remix.


Last is a remix from LOL Boys of RL Grime’s “Treadstone”. It’s a little bit slower and darker than my usual post but I think thats why I like it. Check out the mini mix of RL Grime’s Grapes EP which came out today on We Did It.


Thats it for this week. Enjoy your weekend and check back next week.


-Kid Octy

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